Save up to 50% with Refurbished Telephone Equipment!

If you’re looking to add or replace telephone equipment to your existing telephone system, considering refurbished equipment may be an excellent cost effective choice! Like in most industries who offer refurbished (also known as reconditioned), remanufactured or just used equipment can save your business huge amounts of money and telephone equipment is no different. While many companies may offer such equipment at a discounted rate, the definition of refurbished equipment can vary company to company. From just untested used telephones and in a box with cosmetic and color damage to a complete reconditioning to as good as new condition!

Tel-Comp Solutions has over twenty years of experience, setting the standards on refurbished voice and data equipment and offers only complete reconditioned telephones and data equipment with replacement of problematic electronic components, plastics, cords, wires, paper labels, and new headsets for all telephones. All equipment is then put through a complete test cycle to assure reliability and stamped with a like new, one year warranty on all equipment.

Tel-Comp Solutions offers NEC, Nortel, Avaya Partner, Legend, Merlin, and other voice and data refurbished equipment at the lowest cost for your business. Tel-Comp can also provide the installation; servicing and maintenance of all refurbished equipment for your business needs. We also offer to buy back your excess or out of service equipment.

If you have any questions or would like more information email or call me directly and I would be glad to discuss them with you.

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